University of Alaska Anchorage Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee 

Educational Program on Using Live Vertebrates in Research or Teaching

All individuals working with live vertebrates must complete a formal educational program prior to starting their work and will be expected to periodically complete a continuing education program. This is a vital component of our Animal Care Program and is required under a variety of regulations and guidelines.

The training materials are all online, and can be completed by each individual in their own timeframe. However, all training must be complete before protocols are approved.

The training is divided into 5 modules. Each module has associated quizzes that must be completed as proof of training. Depending on the procedures to be used, you may not be required to complete all modules or quizzes. Check with the IACUC chair regarding the required sections for your research or teaching activities.

Access the Main training page 

How to enroll:

Contact the IACUC secretary to find out how to enroll in the course and to determine which modules and quizzes you will need to complete. Individuals performing anesthesia, wildlife immobilization, and/or surgery may also need to demonstrate competence and complete hands-on training. Documenting prior experience and/or prior training may minimize this requirement.


Risk Assessment Tools

Two good links for assessing the risk inherent in working with animals in the lab or field can be found at 

UC Davis


Working in the remote field?? 

Then you should be aware of University Policies and Safety Issues. The University of Alaska Remote Travel Safety Guide is now available on the web. 

An additional publication to accompany this guide, Remote Travel Planning & Resource Guide, will be available sometime this summer. Please make sure that all employees that travel to remote locations have access to this document.

Working with Hazardous Chemicals?

Then you should be aware of University Policies. The Laboratory Safety Guidelines for working with chemicals is now available on the web. 


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